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Investment Services

Patricia’s Process for Investment Management Services

  • Educating Client
  • Developing an Investment Strategy
  • Creating an Investment Portfolio
  • Monitoring Your Investments

    Educate Client

    The process begins with an initial interview to get acquainted. Emphasis is put on educating clients about investment concepts, exploring risk tolerance, establishing realistic expectations and the cost of investing. This allows you an opportunity to determine if I will be a good, long term resource for your family.

    Develop an Investment Strategy

    The first undertaking in the investment management area is to develop a long-term strategy, taking under consideration your investment goals, objectives, tolerance for risk and time horizon. I formulate a strategy to help you pursue your objectives.

    Create an Investment Portfolio

    Having created a basic strategy, I then create a specific portfolio tailored to your unique circumstance.

    Monitor Your Investment

    Each of my client’s investments is monitored on an ongoing basis. When circumstances change I modify the portfolio. Depending on the reason for modification, this may involve either a broad change to the overall asset-allocation mix or a narrow shift in one or more specific investments. I will work with the client to rebalance a portfolio to desired asset allocations when investment returns necessitate such an adjustment.

    Products Offered Through Avantax

    • Fee Based Consulting^
    • Portfolio Monitoring^
    • Mutual Funds*
    • IRA Rollover Planning^
    • Brokerage Accounts*
    • Variable Annuities*
    • Bonds, Brokered CD’s, Stocks*
    • Retirement Planning
    • Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Traditional IRA’s, 401(k) Plans*
    • Education Planning
    • Coverdell, Section 529, Custodial UTMA*

    Insurance Planning and Risk Management

    Implementing a risk management program involves the use of numerous steps. The process includes data collection, analysis of the information gathered, and preparation of an action plan. I consult with you to identify and quantify risk, develop risk management alternatives and help you implement choices. Products offered are:

    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care
    • Fixed Annuities